A companion, confidante, and coquette for the ages.

Elevate your experience, and get to know Houston VIP Brunette Escort, adult entertainer, and influencer, Lana Blanc.

Life’s greatest thrills often exist on the fringes—the extremes of our imaginations or expectations. I want to show you those thrills!

I’m a woman taking people to the edge; the bad girl that’s never been better, or the elegant temptress accessorizing an arm. In public I’m the envy of peering eyes; in private I’m the vixen that lifts you to new highs. There’s only one thing I’ll never be, and that’s anything average in between.

The middle road is for middling people. When you  ride with me, you’re in the fast lane traveling the high road.

I love the memories I make with the amazing people I meet.

I learned long ago that people of a certain pedigree seek extraordinary experiences to compliment and accentuate their accomplished lives. Ordinary people seek ordinary things, but people of power, people of action pursue the very best. We are with whom we choose our association—be extraordinary and be seen with me.

Age and experience have done me well. I’ve just entered my 30s and like a fine wine, I’ve only gotten better with age. Since starting my journey as a Houston VIP brunette escort I’ve opened up and experienced this city go through torment and rebirth.  I’ve learned to indulge in uninhibited pleasure and delight with no shame nor guilt, and I will gladly and gently encourage you to do the same. I’m here for your excitement and delight. I’m a source of pleasure, knowledge, relaxation, and excitement wrapped up in a disarmingly attractive package.

I invite you to browse my site and get to know me a bit better. If you think I'd augment your evening, your vacation, or your life, get in touch!

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