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Travel is my first love and deepest passion, and I’m obsessed with every aspect of it… I check my United account to track my status progress on a regular basis. I love airplanes and flying so much I took flying lessons for a little while. When booking fights I make it a point to check the aircraft. I’ve even made it my goal to fly biz on every international airline, so I can have an opinion on them all. Nothing makes me feel more alive than when I land in a city or country I’ve never been to. The stamps, the foreign currency, the memories… My favorite things to collect. 

I’m a well-traveled lady with what seems like insatiable wanderlust. I’ve traveled to over 30 international cities and over 50 US cities, and I’m always seeking to explore more. Because of my love for travel as a companion, I’m open to negotiate trips.

Below is my wishlist of travel destinations. Whether it be two days in Bermuda, or a week in Cape Town, I’m flexible. Email me, let’s talk.


Acadia National Park in Maine


St Lucia


The beaches of Croatia

St Tropez (or anywhere in the South of France)

Wellington, NZ




Cape Town, South Africa



Giraffe Manor in Kenya

Ready for an adventure?

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