Please DO contact me at your earliest convenience for a date. Iā€™m a frequent flier, an exclusive escort, and my schedule tends to fill up quickly!

Please DO be honest with me. If you give me false information, I WILL find out, and it will sabotage our chance of meeting.

Please DO keep our conversations before we meet discreet and sneaky clean.


Please DO be on time. I always allot a courtesy 10-minute window from the start of our appointment time to allow for unexpected traffic or delays, just be sure to contact me and let me know you are running late.

Please DO place my donation in plain sight AT THE BEGINNING OF OUR DATE. Please don’t make me ask, and if you do, I apologize in advanced.

Please DO arrive fresh and squeaky clean. If needed, my facilities are always available for your use.

Please DO allow me the pleasure of giving you an unforgettable experience by not suggesting any illegal activities, as that would result in the early termination of our encounter.

Please DO behave as a gentleman, and I will show you my appreciation for it. šŸ™‚


Please DO keep any details I share with you between us and do not share it with anyone else whom you may happen to know in the industry.

Please DO feel free to say hello and send your love.

Let's get acquainted!

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