Please read through this interview to ensure we’re a perfect match. The person I describe here is *exactly* who I am.

If you like everything you read here, chances are we’re a match made in heaven!

Do your research! Google me! Check out my ‘verify me’ page where you can investigate my online presence!
Of my social media accounts, I am most active on Twitter. This is where you’ll be able to gauge my personality, see selfies, and gain insight into my interests.
Because I’m damn worth it 😉 But in all humble honesty, I do believe I’m a special package. I love what I do and am good at it! My rates also allow me to keep a small circle of friends that I can cater to at a more personal level.
I love, love, love, what I do and put my entire essence into every date planned. You won’t be another number to me. You’re paying for a first class service and you will be treated and handled as such.
I’m very easy-going and carefree. I tend to go with the flow of things and really try not to worry. Nurturing and sweet are two other words that come to mind.
I’m very curious and have one hell of a sense of adventure. My solo-travels are a testament to this. I truly try hard not to judge others and their preferences as I’m always willing to try anything, even more than once if I think I did it wrong the first time. I’m always looking to have fun and can probably be content and at peace in nearly any situation I find myself in.
Others always tell me I’m very easy to be around and that I can make them feel comfortable fairly quick. I think this comes from my genuine interest and love of people, and the level of comfort that I have in my own skin.


I try not to take things personally. As I’ve learned, offense is not given, it’s taken, and I won’t allow anyone to try and disrupt by happiness or peace. I tend to avoid unnecessary conflict, but will communicate a problem or issue directly so it can be taken care of and so it doesn’t happen again. I’m drama free and avoid it at all costs. Life’s too short to be complaining about the small stuff (and it’s all small stuff.)
I’m a unique and special package and love to share my essence with those that want to get to know me. The clients that I’ve had for multiple years tell me that knowing me has changed them for the better. They tell me they are more relaxed about things and have learned to be more patient. And I LOVE that. 🙂
I love to do nothing! I run around so much that during my down time I prefer to relax at home with my dog, read a book, or paint a picture.
Other than that, travel is my most beloved hobby. While traveling with a gentleman is fun, traveling alone allows for different insight. I love experiencing the differences in cultures and seeing how other people live their lives. I’m always open to adapting the things I learn on my travels to increase my quality of life.
When I say I’m well-traveled, I truly mean it. I have visited over 50 US cities and over 30 international cities. I’ve been Premier 1k with United (I’m married to them, I love them so much) for three years now. Last year most of my travels were domestic, but I was able to get a bit further away from home a few times.
I explored London on three separate occasions. I went cod fishing in Newfoundland and got “screeched” in the same bar Anthony Bourdain became an honorary Newfoundlander! I went to Toronto for TIFF and explored Montreal, a city so close to home but feels it should be on the other side of the Atlantic! I visited Tokyo, Kyoto and Seoul for my 30th birthday. I even went to the DMZ in South Korea where I was able to use binoculars to see into North Korea!!! I’m always looking for adventure.
My love for travel goes beyond the destination. Aviation and airplanes completely fascinate me and while I am no longer taking flying lessons, how many people can say they’ve ever flown a plane? 🙂
I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. I’m considering furthering my education with graduate studies in Human Sexuality or Family and Marriage Counseling. In addition to my college degree, I’ve also completed a Menswear and Image Consulting certification.
Besides my formal education, I attended an art school for fashion design and have taken flying lessons fueled by my love of airplanes.
I have a deep love and appreciation for the art in high fashion so dressing well is extremely important to me.
I dress in a classic style while incorporating minimalistic trends. I have body art that remains covered during pubic outings unless you state I show it. My favorite designers and stores that communicate my style are BCBG, Club Monaco, Intermix, and Saint Laurent, just to name a few.
In private I enjoy wearing lingerie. Though because I am verrryyyy busty, I’m limited in regard to high-end lingerie brands. But do not worry, I have a lot of hot outfits for you to chose from!

While I maintain a healthy diet and exercise program, I love to indulge in really, really good food. Having traveled and experienced so much different food, my tastebuds are anything but basic. So, yes, please do wine and dine me. I’ll eat and drink right along with you.

You have absolutely nothing to worry about, I am a world-class lady. Heads may turn when we walk in anywhere together, but we’ll never raise any eyebrows.

I love meeting all different types of men from all different walks of life! No matter what line of work you are in, what is most important to me is that you carry yourself as a gentleman and treat me as a lady. I am most attracted to men who are easy-going, polite, and respectful. If you have those three qualities, I’m all yours!

Two. English and Spanish. My English is perfect, my Spanish kinda sucks.

The people. I love making new friends this way. The connections I help establish are such a beautiful thing. Things get a little more personal and then it gets really fun! The travel that goes along with what I do is pretty awesome too 🙂

‘Companion’ is the term I identify with the most. I love being someone’s confidante, the woman they are willing and able to try absolutely anything with. I find I hold a very special place in my lovers’ hearts, and that feels very good to me.

Sushi! Lobster, by itself or on anything. French food is so, so good.

You can expect to have your mind blown. 😉

I was born and raised in Miami and am of Latin descent.

Tequila! With club soda and a little bit more than a splash of pineapple.

As corny as it sounds, I just want to be happy. I want to be able to do things when I want to do them and to be happy.

Right now I’m all about Seoul. But I also love Wellington, NZ and Prague.

I’m a bit of an undercover hippie 🙂

I like luxury travel complimented with authentic local experiences. I visited Bangkok with a suitor not too long ago. We had a suite at the SO Sofitel and our nights started with a drink at their rooftop bar. Then we’d venture out to local dive bars for an authentic nightlife experience.


I’m all about people and learning about and experiencing different cultures. I’d prefer to spend five days exploring an uncommon destination than lying around a resort for the same amount of time.

I really love the Tao of Pooh. It taught me how to slow down and not interfere with life. As long as I do why I have to do, things always resolve themselves.

🙂 lesbian massage room. I flick it on and I’m done before I know it.

Yes, I do. I consider myself to be a spiritual being with a high level of awareness. But just because I feel that way about myself doesn’t mean I think I have it right. All I know is that I have inner peace, and that feels good. So I must be doing something right.

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